Third Coast International Qatar is a provider of bulk liquid handling services for the companies that makeup the worldwide petrochemical, fine chemicals, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Storing bulk liquid chemicals and oils including oilfield and refinery chemicals, automotive chemicals, amines, glycols, polyols and related products. All tanks have nitrogen blanketing capability and are built to NFP A 30 standards.
  • Drumming - Two drumming lines are available.
  • Drum storage
  • Blending, circulation and homogenization (High viscosity products can be blended in 50 mN blender. Storage tanks are also capable of providing blending.)
  • Loading road tanks, isotanks and flatbed trucks.
  • Containerization
  • Tank to tank transfer
  • Pipeline transfer from berth to terminal
  • Transloading bulk tank trucks / isotanks and flexitanks
  • Analytical support services provided by an on-site fully equipped laboratory
  • Product Insurance coverage

Product Insurance


Drumming & Drum Storage

Storing Bluk Liqiud

Blending & Circulation

Pipeline Transfer

Loading Road Tanks

Analytical Support


Third Coast International Qatar W.L.L. and QALCO is a provider of independent bulk liquid storage and terminal services in Qatar. The companies are committed to operating to the highest environment and safety standards. This is achieved by a sustained focus on EHSS&Q matters with an effort to minimise environmental impact of our operations.

EHSS&Q training is provided to all employees and contractors. Visitors to the terminal also must undergo an orientation training procedure.